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Finding Your Calling ~ Interview with Adam Bucko


photo credit: Tim Good: Photography by Tiwago via photopin cc

photo credit: Tim Good: Photography by Tiwago via photopin ccAdam Bucko is an activist, spiritual director to many of New York City’s homeless youth, and co-author of a new award-winning book called “Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation”. Adam presents Occupy Spirituality: Radical Aliveness for Changing the World in Vancouver April 10 & 11, 2015.  In this interview, he shares with the path of finding one’s calling. 

Interview conducted by Cameron Wenaus of Retreat.Guru and Sarah Lipton, Editor-in-Chief of the Shambhala Times. Interview transcribed by Emma Sartwell and edited by Christopher Schuman.

Finding one’s calling comes out of contemplative experience, which “for me,” Adam Bucko says, “is about essentially being in a state of receptivity and listening.” Contemplative practice has long been described as being about reaching a state of receptivity to what is – receptivity to the presence and activity of God in one’s life.” Continue reading

Photo courtesy Eugene Chan, Web of Change 2014.

Leadership at the Edge: Gibrán Rivera at Hollyhock

From the desk of Gibrán Rivera….

I was born in Puerto Rico. There is something strange about being a colonial subject. My family moved to the US when I was 12; and there is something really strange about becoming a minority. My life experience has made me thirsty for justice. I have lived a life obsessed with the idea of change.

I tried the obvious venues. I became an activist. I have been a politician and an entrepreneur. I built a career in the nonprofit sector. All of these venues have come up short. We need a better platform for this work.

I have experienced a series of spiritual awakenings that have left me with an enduring taste of freedom. I have refused to relegate myself to a spiritual box. The fact is the earth is burning and we are still hungry for justice. Continue reading

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Inspirit Grant to Attend Story Money Impact

Calling all media-savvy changemakers!

Are you 18-30 years old? Are you making media for social change?

You could be eligible for an Inspirit grant to attend
Story Money Impact May 27 – 31, 2015 at  Hollyhock on Cortes Island, B.C.
Today’s best projects are a dynamic synergy of art, partnerships and activism. Story Money Impact is a conference designed to raise the bar for filmmakers and changemakers who use documentaries or short films to promote sustainability, inclusion, and social innovation.

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If you are a young media-maker or a changemaker interested in using media to create change, apply now and tell us how you will use this learning opportunity in your practice. You could soon be on your way to Cortes Island, B.C.!


The Shadow (& Light) of Sisterhood | Erica Ross

I love my sisters. SISTERHOOD forever! Ya!!!

But, damn. Sometimes it’s painful, complicated and super challenging to be in it. Authentically. Honestly. Trustingly.

I’m so blessed to have created and participated in many women’s circles over the past thirty years, and it’s one of the most soul-satisfying experiences of my life.  There’s nowhere I’d rather be!

dowhaphrodite  copy

I’ve witnessed the blessing and challenge, wisdom and pain. I’ve seen the power for inner growth and healing, the radiance of beauty and love, and the shadow of disconnection and fear.

As we enter the circle of sisters we bring all our dreams. We bring our wounds and broken hearts of sister betrayal and competition. Continue reading

Sunrise Beach

Presenter Profile | Will Johnson

 The content in this article is found on Will Johnson’s website.
Shri Vajrasattva, statue of Tibetan Buddhist meditation diety
Wonderlane, Flickr Creative Commons
Embodiment Training is a path of awakening that views the body as the doorway, not the obstacle, to personal growth and spiritual transformation.  Through combining the orientation of Western somatic therapy with Eastern meditational practices, Embodiment Training leads you to the discovery of your natural, embodied state.  Like the Dzogchen rigpa and the Buddhist sunyata, the embodied state has been described as “like coming home at last.”  The practices mix bliss (the complete surrender to the deep energies of the body) with presence (immaculate mindfulness) and lead you on a journey of unfolding that takes you ever deeper into the very center of your center.  The Institute promotes the teaching and practices of Will Johnson.

Continue reading

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