10 Minutes with: Rachel Fleishman

You offer a unique blend of psychotherapy and movement, what makes movement important to the healing process?

Movement is the best catalyst I know for linking up mindfulness with expression and healing to achieve real transformation. Embedded in the word “emotion” is the word “motion”. Emotions are not a problem unless they get stuck and frozen. Fear, rage, grief can all be moved through our bodies and released. Likewise, joy, when we move with it, becomes amplified.  The body is a portal into our feelings, our life force, and the wisdom that wants to move through us.

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Vanya Laporte | Groovin’ Outside the Dance Floor

 Do you ever get the urge to bust a move in the middle of a meeting? Or how about during a quiet movie? On the bus? In front of complete strangers?

Were you ever wild as a child, dancing on everything and anything- your bed, in front of the mirror, with your friends, in the woods?

Do you crave to dance and move more each day?

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Presenter Profile | Juli Rees

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Art hands

Juli Rees is a social justice change engagement artist, popular educator, facilitator, activist, dancer, mother and grandmother who offers her creativity, wisdom and skills in service of creating a socially just world. She has worked with Labour Unions for over 25 years and is the Director of Education with the Hospital Employees’ Union. She is currently completing a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts for Conflict Transformation and Peace Building with the European Graduate School in Switzerland. Continue reading Presenter Profile | Juli Rees

Presenter Profile | Amber Field

Meaning in life, and how death can hurt your family without insurance

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Amber Field

“I am a queer and genderqueer performance artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and healer. I am also a Tamalpa Associate Teacher of Expressive Arts. I have lived in Korea, Nepal, Liberia, India, Peru, and the United States and specialize in world fusion music. My music is heartfelt, passionate, haunting, soulful, blissful. Continue reading Presenter Profile | Amber Field

Presenter Profile | Martin Shaw

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The great old stories always did something more than just soothe a troubled brow. They were provocative, mysterious, wild and deep. They insisted on a relationship between people and place, animal and dream. They were often introduced as a counterbalance to wilderness initiations designed to enable the skills of someone 
aspiring to be a true human being: a noble task, and not easy.
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