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tips for the struggling meditator

This article by Daniel Scharpenburg was originally featured on
The Elephant Journal.

Meditation is a practice that is designed to train the mind.
Meditation practice comes with several benefits including increased concentration, decreased anxiety, and a general feeling of relaxation.

Many people try meditation but very few stick with it long term.

Here are some recommendations to help beginners get past the initial barriers to having a sustained practice. Continue reading


Your Favourite Blog Posts of 2014

Delicious recipes from the Hollyhock cooks top the list of popular blog articles in 2014 just as in any other year. Here are the most visited three:

Hollyhock’s Famous Yeast Dressing

Aztec Chocolate Pudding

Roasted Vegetable Salad

From conscious parenting to knowing when to use complementary health modalities, here are the Top Ten Most Popular Articles (not including recipes) on HollyhockLife in 2014. Enjoy!

  1. Intergenerational Systems – Fears Transferred Through DNA by Kate Sutherland
    Neuroscientists working with laboratory mice have shown that fears and trauma appear to be transferred down generations through DNA…
  1. Ten Reasons Why Adventure Travel is Good for You by By Candice Gaukel Andrews

While there are several physical health benefits to adventure travel, the advantages for your mental wellness are just as impressive. Too, adventure travel can enlighten your soul and even help save the world… Continue reading


Live, Learn and embrace Selfless Service at Hollyhock

Article by Colin Funk, Hollyhock General Manager

Live, Learn and Serve at Hollyhock – Canada’s Lifelong Learning Centre

One of many special program offerings at Hollyhock is the Volunteer Service Program (VSP).  This well regarded and long-running program provides individuals with unique opportunities to be fully immersed in the rich Hollyhock learning environment.  At its core the VSP is based upon Selfless Service – contributing to community without any expectation of result or award. The program is artfully designed to deepen one’s understanding of self through reflection, self-inquiry, practicing presence in-the-moment, living in community and working collectively toward a common goal. Continue reading

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Gardening is Lifelong Learning

This article by Rebecca Cuttler originally appeared on her blog Abundant City.

Just as some people have a yoga or meditation practice, I have a gardening practice.

Like yoga or meditation, gardening is a discipline that one can never truly master. With years of consistent practice, you can become well-versed in gardening methods — sowing times and techniques, plant and disease knowledge, crop planning — but your form will never be perfect, because you’re dealing with living systems that respond in ways your ego can’t control. Your garden is a reflection of you, your physical space, and the global climate, and all of these things are in constant flux. Continue reading


Savory Crepe Recipe

As we move into fall and cooler weather and less food available in our gardens one of the last greens to enjoy, as it may or may not winter over, depending upon temperatures is: Chard

One can easily substitute Russian or lighter leaf kales in addition to Spinach for this recipe.   This meal  is a nutrition power house particularly because it is hard to get local nice lettuces this time of year.  The added dairy gives this dish super protein and calcium.  You may want to add some of your favorite fresh local mushrooms that you have gathered  or purchase from your local Farmers Market.   One can easily purchase fresh Crimini or Brown mushrooms that are yummy w/the greens. Continue reading

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