Invite Calm with a Morning Ritual

Whether you’re looking for some ideas to incorporate some teaching you learned at Hollyhock back into the city or just some ideas in general to calm your mind, this article helps remind us how important it is to find time at the beginning of the day for oneself. Start on the right foot and read on!

By Giselle Shardlow via Elephant Journal

Since my daughter’s birth, I have been shamelessly focused on creating a bedtime ritual that helps maximize her sleep.

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Presenter Profile | Marie Manuchehri

Biography from Marie Manuchehri’s website
Feature Photo from by Allegra Ricci


Marie is an energy medicine healer who is the perfect bridge between conventional and holistic medicine. She was raised in a family that appreciates preventive medicine, including the importance of eating nutritional organic foods and taking healthy supplements. Yet, it was during her work as an oncology nurse that she discovered and developed her skills as an energy medicine practitioner. The hospital turned out to be the ideal place to understand the energetic relationship between health and disease. Continue reading Presenter Profile | Marie Manuchehri

Presenter Profile | Linda Star Wolf

By Jessica Mahler
Reprinted from Yoga City NYC via Shamanic Breathwork

YogaCity NYC’s Jessica Mahler sat down to chat with her for a better under­stand­ing of shaman­ism and what kind of power can be found in our breath.

Anyone can be consid­ered a shaman, explained Star, a 60-year old woman with long blond locks and a kind face. “It’s a call­ing, really.” But it was a long, painful jour­ney for Star to fully under­stand hers in this life.

Star always felt differ­ent grow­ing up in west­ern Kentucky in the ’60s. “I was one of those people who was gluten and lactose intol­er­ant, and no one had ever heard of such a thing,” she says. On top of that, she had psychic, intu­itive abilities—abilities that she shared with her grand­mother, creat­ing a special bond between them. Continue reading Presenter Profile | Linda Star Wolf

Joy, Love & Peace in Action by Jude Bijou

Get a taste of the principles of Attitude Reconstruction in this 5 minute video shot during a talk at Cottage Hospital’s Grand Rounds in Santa Barbara, CA. You will hear snippets about the core attitudes we all possess that are associated with joy, love, and peace; how to physically deal with the emotional energy of fear and anger naturally and constructively; the essence of how to change your destructive thinking; and the benefits of trying something new.

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